Pivot Pro Golf Swing Training Aid - Reverse Pivot, Footwork, Weight Shift, Instep, Push Off, Swing Plane
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Become A Golf Retailer - Selling Golf Training Aids

We are now looking for international distributors. Please contact pivotprosales@gmail.com for more information

Thank you for your interest in PivotPro.

PivotPro is a revolutionary training aid that has taken a life of its own and has created a buzz in the golf world.

As we all know Word of Mouth advertising is the best form of advertising that a product can receive from its customers, which operates through an individual’s personal recommendations.

We are grateful to all our customers and retail partners who believe in our product and have recommended PivotPro to their friends and customers.

As a retailer enjoy the benefits of partnering and representing a product, which is backed by years of industry research and its patented technology.

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When you partner with us - We Bring You

Affordability, Credibility, and most of all Profitability - It's a Win-Win Situation

Please print and take a moment to answer the questions [RETAIL FORM] as best as you can, and our staff will setup a New Dealer Account within 24-48 hours.

How to become a re-seller

It is simple to become a reseller of PivotPro. Please print and fill out the Retailers Form or you may contact us at the following address:

10602 Timberwood Circle, Suite 3
Louisville, KY 40223
Phone: 1-888-842-8777

How we help you sell more PivotPro's.
We provide you with a Turnkey Sales Solution to help you as a retailer to effectively position our product in your store and increase your sales. Each order comes with the following:
Posters: 5 sets of 26x39 full color posters [Poster]
Brochures: 200 full color brochures. [Brochure]

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