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Inventor of Globally Recognized & Award Winning Golf Training Aids

Globally Recognized and Award Winning Golf Training Aids

Our Products Are The #1 Choice For The PGA, LPGA, And Tour Professionals

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to GolfJOC and PivotPro. As an inventor and president of the company, I am proud of the work and effort that has gone into bringing world class training aids to the market. But more so, the positive response and feedback we are getting from our customers is very encouraging.
Past few year has brought great growth to our organization, and I would like to share with you some of the highlights. As always, we base our success on customer satisfaction.

PivotPro, which started as an idea few years back, has materialized into an awardwinning and globally recognized golf training aid. PivotPro is the preferred training aid for golfers from PGA/LPGA touring professionals, amateurs, and leading golf instructors across the world.

In 2010 GolfJOC launched four new exciting products, namely PowerLag Pro, FlatWrist Pro, Connect4Power, and CigarKaddy. GolfJOC is the #1 destination for the PGA, LPGA, and Nationwide Tour professionals. Our products are built after years of research and are field tested by PGA, LPGA and Tour Pros, and are simply designed to make you a better golfer. We’re redefining the category and introducing 21st century research driven products, and building brands that consumers can trust.

As our company continues to grow and our customer base expands across the continents, our mission remains the same, to deliver the world’s best golf training aids that will dramatically improve golfer’s game.

We anticipate another exciting and rewarding year here at GolfJOC and PivotPro! Our overall goal is to provide world class golf training aids and great value for our customers and retailers. To achieve this, we depend on the skills and collaboration of golf instructors, PGA/LPGA touring professionals and our team of dedicated staff; their untiring commitment to our customers’ success is the force which drives us.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve success as an individual, retailer, or golf teaching academy.


Sam Shah

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