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GolfJOC Launches Four New Golf Training Aid Products

LOIUSVILLE, Ky., January 6, 2011 — GolfJOC announces the launch of brand new products – FlatWrist Pro, PowerLag Pro, Connect4Power, and CigarKaddy – scheduled to make its debut at the Orlando, FL PGA Merchandise Show
on January 27, 2011.

While some golfers may not know it, that creating proper club lag is vital for hitting consistent golf shots. One of the best ways to improve distance is to create lag in a golf swing. PowerLag Pro is specifically designed to develop proper wrist hinge and allows the wrist to pronate which get the club under the shaft and allows the shaft to start down on a correct plane.

What do all great players have in common? They are able to bring the club back to square at impact. FlatWrist Pro is a simple product that slides inside ones golf glove and comes with the wrist strap for added feel and comfort. FlatWrist Pro develops proper hand position before, at and post impact, its unique design fixes breakdown of the leading wrist and arm at impact, and improves consistency and ball trajectory. FlatWrist Pro is an ideal training aid for short game and provides immediate visual and physical feedback to promote proper hands position for both low and high handicap golfers.

“One thing that separates tournament players from amateurs is how pros maintain proper arms stay connected with the body throughout the golf swing,” Sam Shah, president GolfJOC says. “In fact, professional golf instructors attribute majority of golf swing faults to body and arms disconnection or separation.”

Connect4Power is a professional training aid for golfers of all ages and caliber. With an easy-to-use and versatile design, it quickly promotes proper arms and body connection. Connect4Power unique design allows the product to be used at home, driving range or in a gym.

“As an inventor and president of the company, I am proud of the work and effort that has gone into bringing world class training aids to the market. But more so, the positive response and feedback we are getting from our customers is very encouraging,” Sam Shah, president GolfJOC says. “Our products are built after years of research and are field tested by PGA, LPGA and Tour Pros, and are simply designed to make you a better golfer. We’re redefining the category and introducing 21st century research driven products, and building brands that consumers can trust.”

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